Virtuous Pedophiles

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Type of intervention     

Online mutual support group for minor-attracted people (MAPs), providing information and support. The site and members are committed to maintaining the safety of children and oppose abuse.   

Target population    

People who identify as having a sexual attraction towards minors or are concerned about this.

Delivery organisation     

Virtuous pedophiles is a website which provides signposting, support resources and information for MAPs. As an organisation they are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing and have an anti-CSA and anti-child sexual abuse imager stance. They seek to reduce the stigma associated with paedophilia to support MAPs in leading happy and law-abiding lives.

Mode and context of delivery  

Online peer support discussion forum and signposting for advice and support.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required 


Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)    


Description of intervention 

MAPs concerned about their attraction can apply to join the online discussion group. Here peer members provide advice and support to one another to enable members in leading fulfilling lives, learning to live with MAP status and preventing CSA.

The Virtuous Pedophiles website has a range of information for individuals concerned about their sexual attraction including links to professional support services in a range of countries and supportive advice for MAPs and people concerned about a friend or family member.


The work of Virtuous Pedophiles has been supported by a range of professionals including academic researchers in the psychology field. Their evaluations can be found here:


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Information correct at December 2020