Stop It Now! UK and Ireland Campaign

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A public education campaign to raise awareness of child sexual abuse.

Type of intervention

Public education, online/app

Target groups, level of prevention and subgroups

  • Communities and Families | Primary prevention | Young Adults (12-17 years), Adults (18+ years) | Male and female | Public education | English

Target population

In addition to raising awareness about child sexual abuse and its prevention with the general adult public, the Stop It Now! Campaign is aimed at these key groups:

  • Parents, carers and other protective adults, to give them the information and support needed to help them to protect children and young people from sexual abuse.
  • Those who work with children and families in a professional or voluntary capacity, to help them respond to sexual abuse issues and concerns and embed preventative strategies into their work.
  • Politicians and key decision makers, to put the prevention of child sexual abuse on the political agenda and ensure policies are put in place that protect children

Delivery organisation

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a charity specialising in child sexual abuse prevention.

Mode and context of delivery

Stop it Now! UK and Ireland is a Public Education Campaign supported by a confidential helpline. Each nation in the UK has its own national campaign manager and delivery team. Services in each nation are tailored to local needs.

Level/nature of staff expertise required

The Stop it Now! Campaigns are managed and delivered by staff with varying backgrounds including psychology, child protection, law enforcement, child care and education. The Director of Stop it Now! has a background in the Probation Service, sex offender treatment and management, and public education. The Campaign is supported by a communications professional with a background in journalism and public relations.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)

The core Campaign is ongoing with no start or end point; however, specific services or projects delivered by each nation may have time limits and targets set against them.

Description of intervention

Services in each UK nation are tailored to local needs, but all include these key elements:

  • Media campaigns to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and how communities and families can protect children
  • Work with parents and carers to ensure they are as best placed as possible to protect their children
  • Information materials (such as posters, leaflets and brochures) for parents and carers and those who work with children and families, explaining how child sexual abuse happens, what the warning signs are and how to seek help, including promoting the Stop it Now! Helpline
  • Public meetings, seminars and workshops with parents and carers and other protective adults to promote discussion about the role of individuals and the community in keeping children safe
  • Engaging with children and young people about respectful relationships and keeping safe online and offline
  • Training and awareness-raising with professionals and others who work with children and families
  • Online resources, including
  • Collaborative working with, and lobbying of, Government officials to promote a wider understanding of child sexual abuse as a preventable public health issue
  • Promotion of the Stop it Now! Helpline


A number of reports have been written on the Stop it Now! Campaign. Most recently it the ten year review (2002- 2012), available at:



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