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Target population  

Stop it Now! NL differentiates three types of people concerned about themselves:

contact offenders

downloaders of CSEM

people with sexual feelings towards minors.

Delivery organisation     

The Stop It Now! Netherlands helpline was launched in March 2012, sponsored by the Internet Hotline (Netherlands) and De Waag, a centre for outpatient forensic psychiatry - and with the help of Stop it Now! UK & Ireland.

Mode and context of delivery  

Callers access the helpline via the number 0800 266 64 36.  The helpline is anonymous and free. There is also a contact form that those seeking help can fill out on the Stop It Now! Netherlands website at

Helpline opening hours are available on the website      

Level/Nature of staff expertise required 

Helpline staff are counsellors with expertise in discussing sexuality. All employees are trained in telephone assistance.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s) 

Counsellors first listen to callers’ concerns, then give advice on what to do or who to contact. Working with the concerned individual, they then assess all the risks and the necessary steps that must be taken. Counsellors will help find appropriate assistance dependent on the situation. All decisions are made by the caller unless a minor is in immediate danger. Callers can call back if they want and can be referred to De Waag if necessary. To make it easier to start treatment they are offered a maximum of 5 anonymous calls with someone who works for De Waag.

Description of intervention 

Stop it Now! NL offers anonymous help in two phases:

1) first contact with the Helpline staff members and

2) specialised forensic therapy from therapists of De Waag centre for forensic outpatient treatment.

At the first stage the focus is on establishing contact with the caller, staff members listen and give advice to everyone with questions or concerns about downloading of CSEM, and sexual feelings towards minors. In the second phase, the conversations are aimed at teaching the caller to cope with their sexual feelings for children. After initial steps within the second phase of Stop it Now! NL, regular forensic therapy can be started, thus concluding the activities of Stop it Now! NL. At each stage the users - if appropriate - are encouraged to take the step to the next phase. This applies especially to (potential) abusers.


A study by NatCen describes the Stop It Now! Netherlands helpline as ‘innovative’ and concludes that it is successful in reaching its target audience of (potential) abusers. More evaluation is available here:


Eisenberg, M., Mulder, J., van Horn, J., Stam, J. and Waag, D., 2014. Stop it Now! Helpline Netherlands: A study of its use and effects–English summary.

Contact details

T. 0800 266 64 36



Information correct at February 2021