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Target population

Parents, carers and teachers of children, as well as the children themselves. 

Delivery organisation

The website and resources are created by Safe4Kids based in Manchester, England. Safe4Kids believe it is important to make children aware of the dangers they may encounter, whilst encouraging their natural sense of adventure. Their aim is to provide a valuable partnership between Safe4Kids, schools, parents and the business community, in order to provide the resource to schools free of charge, and Safe4Kids always aim to inform those receiving the resource, who their sponsor is.

Mode and context of delivery

Safe4Kids is designed to provide parents, carers and teachers with resources to educate children about staying safe in a variety of different situations. Adults can use these resources with children (both individually or within a group) as a preventative measure, but they can also be implemented and explored together if a child has experienced some difficulties, for example, when using technology.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required

No prior experience is necessary for adults who want to educate their children using these resources.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)

The Safe4Kids resources can be used as frequently as adults deem necessary. It is important to consider that the greater a child’s exposure is to the resources, the more familiar they will become to the key messages explored conveyed.  

Description of intervention

The Safe4Kids resources are designed in such a way that the children will want to use them time and time again, either as a group or on their own. It can be used at school or at home with their parents, thereby increasing the impact of the messages contained within. The resources aim to strike a balance between making children aware of potential dangers, but at the same time ensuring children are confident enough to express their natural curiosity.

The resources feature four characters who have got together to form their own crew, named Buzz, Izzie, Charlie and Tom. They are introduced as liking to do cool things such as using the internet, playing sports, keeping in touch with each other on their mobiles, and eating cool food. They also recognise dangers and highlight they want to keep the reader safe too by inviting them into their crew and giving them safety advice.

Some of the topics covered in the resources are:

  • The internet
  • Drugs
  • Instant messaging/chatrooms
  • Health and diet
  • Mobile Phones
  • Bullying

In order to gain access to the resources, adults are required to contact Safe4Kids directly.


To date, no evaluation of the effectiveness of the resources has been conducted.


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Contact details

Address:            Safe4Kids Limited

International House

61 Mosley Street


M2 3HZ

Company Registration Number:           03363887

Registered in England and Wales



Telephone:       0330 133 0912

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Information correct at January 2020