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Target population

Children and young people in Glasgow, Scotland, aged between 8-18.

ROSA provides early interventions with individuals who have potentially harmful online sexual behaviour.

Delivery organisation 

Stop it Now Scotland

Mode and context of delivery

Telephone advice and guidance

Classroom and school assembly talks

A 6-8 week course of individual and/or family sessions.

Groups for Parents and community members

Level/Nature of staff expertise required


Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)

Dependant on the individual and nature of the concern.

The service can vary from offering individual sessions to a full programme of work.

Sessions usually are once weekly lasting approximately an hour for each session.

Classroom-based work modules are usually 50 minutes.  Other presentations are determined by the needs of the school.

Description of intervention 

Practical advice and strategies to prevent a re-occurrence or escalation of the concerning sexual behaviour. Sound information about the law in this context, especially as it applies to young people. Clear advice and information about healthy sexual and social development in childhood and adolescence. Promotion of more open and trusting communication between young people and their parents.

Advice and guidance on safe internet use, apps, and sharing information online. Advice and guidance to parents around safety settings/ parental controls and managing your childs’ online behaviour.


The ROSA project is independently evaluated by the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, based at Strathclyde University


Contact details

Stop It Now! Scotland

30 Annandale Street Lane,



0131 556 3535

RATING: Pioneering

Information correct at February 2021