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Target population     

PrevenTell is a national helpline for adults struggling with their sexuality, who may be worried about thoughts and actions, or are afraid of hurting themselves or others.

It is also open to relatives of those struggling with their sexuality or those who have questions about sexually problematic behaviour.

Delivery organisation     

The PrevenTell helpline has been set up by ANOVA in Sweden. ANOVA is an interdisciplinary unit associated with Karolinska University Hospital, carrying out clinical investigations and treatment in the areas of Andrology, Sexual medicine, and Trans medicine.

Mode and context of delivery  

The PrevenTell national helpline is available between 12:00 and 15:00 on weekdays on 020 66 77 88.

Alternatively, callers can contact the PrevenTell hotline around the clock, all year around and leave a message on the answering machine. A counsellor will return the call the following day from an anonymous number.

The service is free of charge and callers can remain anonymous. Phone calls to this number will not show up on callers’ phone bills.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required    

Helpline staff are healthcare professionals with extensive experience and who are used to receiving calls regarding sexual subject matter. ANOVA as an organisation is made up of psychiatrists, forensic psychiatrists, endocrinologists, andrologists, urologists, psychologists, sociologists, and nurses.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s) 

When callers phone the helpline, they are asked to describe what has prompted them to call PrevenTell and what their need for help looks like. Based on these answers, an assessment is made on how best to assist. Helpline operators are able to discuss and answer any questions regarding the sexual area. Treatment is not given over the phone, but they can provide support, and if necessary, refer callers to other care depending on where they live and what kind of problems they have.

Description of intervention 

PrevenTell is a free national helpline based in Sweden, offered by ANOVA. Calls are anonymous and callers are offered counselling advice and can be referred to other care if necessary. PrevenTell is aimed at those struggling with inappropriate sexual feelings, thought and/or actions. Relatives concerned about another are also welcome to call the helpline. The caller can be anonymous, the call is completely free, and the number is not visible on the phone bill.


An evaluation of PrevenTell can be found here:

Oberg, K.G., Zamore, E.S. and Arver, S., 2016. P-01-054 Preventing sexual offending-descriptive data from a Swedish Helpline. The Journal of Sexual Medicine13(5), p.S159.



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