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Type of intervention     

Community level prevention and awareness programmes to educate about CSA and seek to prevent its occurrence. Also, crisis support, assessment, therapeutic services and court preparation for survivors of CSA.   

Target group/s, level/s of prevention and sub-group/s:   

Primary and tertiary prevention targeting children, young people and families.   

Target population     

Children and adolescents. 

Delivery organisation     

Patch Helderberg is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, specialising in the prevention of CSA and support of survivors. All disclosed and reported cases of CSA in the area are referred to Patch for support. Their service user team is primarily formed of social workers, social auxiliary workers and prevention workers.

Mode and context of delivery  

Prevention workers reach an average of 7000 children per year as part of the Patch Prevention and Awareness programme. This is tailored to the needs of the children, dependent on age appropriate content and specific problems they may face. Additionally, prevention workers reach parents to educate about CSA.

Patch offers a range of support measures for survivors of CSA which progresses from their 24 hour crisis line to initial assessment, therapeutic support and court preparation.   

Level/Nature of staff expertise required    

Patch Prevention Workers / therapists

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)   


Description of intervention 

Within the Patch Prevention and Awareness programme children and young people investigate the following topics:

  • The dangers of CSA
  • Learning about the body
  • Saying no
  • Good and gad touches
  • Good and bad secrets
  • What to do if you experience CSA including disclosure, who to tell and where to get help


Furthermore, prevention workers empower parents with knowledge in the following areas:

  • Parenting skills
  • The effects of CSA on a child
  • Dealing with the trauma of CSA
  • Supporting disclosures and your child in the long term

Patch provides a 24-hour crisis line for CSA survivors. This is manned by voluntary crisis workers who can provide emotional support.  

Upon referral of suspected CSA, a socio-emotional assessment is completed to ascertain the child’s level of cognitive functioning, competency, understanding of the child’s perspective of the world and assess other possible causes for their behaviour. For cases within 72 hours of an incident Patch crisis workers accompany the child for medico-legal examinations at hospital and comfort packs are provided.

Individual and/or group therapy can be provided, with provisions catered to the needs of the child. This can include narrative, play and cognitive-behavioural therapy to support their emotional wellbeing.

Court preparation sessions can be delivered either as a group or individually and seek to prepare survivors for their court case. Familiarisation visits to the course can also be arranged. Trained court mediators are assigned to assist during questioning and provide support on the day.   





Contact details     

Website (Including contact form):

Call : +27(0)218526110  

PATCH - Helderberg Child Abuse Centre

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