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Type of intervention     

Offenders Beware is a wide-ranging initiative seeking to raise awareness of child sex tourism and promote the protection of children from child sex tourism. Various resources include brochures, online video, case studies and good practice guides, training resources, and an E-learning course. This resource provides information on the E-learning training.   

Target group/s, level/s of prevention and sub-group/s:   

Primary prevention targeted towards those in the tourism industry, students, policy makers alongside general information for the media and public.    

Target population     

Tourism industry professionals.   

Delivery organisation     

End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) is an international network of organisations aiming to eradicate child sexual exploitation. Primary goals are preventing online exploitation, trafficking and child sex tourism. The Offenders Beware project was developed by ECPAT groups in Austria, German, Italy, the Netherlands, Estonia, the Philippines, India, South Africa, Kenya, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.  

Mode and context of delivery  

Online e-learning modules which provide information about child sex tourism, child sexual exploitation and the Child Protection Code. This includes raising awareness and how tourism professionals can implement good practice. Certificates are available upon completion.   

Level/Nature of staff expertise required    

None required.   

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)    

The E-learning course consists of a 20-minute basic module and 15 minute build up module. A series of online scenario games are also available for tourism professionals to use and practice how they could handle serious situations concerning child sex tourism.   

Description of intervention 

The Child Protection in Tourism E-learning consists of two modules. These consist of a series of slides to work through with interactive quizzes throughout. The Base Module focuses on delivering information about child sexual exploitation and child sex tourism, alongside the Child Protection Code. Upon completion of the Base Module participants complete an online test in order to progress to the Become Active Module. In this second module the content explores how people in the tourism industry can implement the Child Protection Code and help to prevent child sex tourism. After a final test certificates can be requested. These units can be accessed here:

ECPAT has also developed the Serious Game. This in a set of online scenarios considering how tourism professionals can combat child sex tourism. The scenes include discussions professionals may have with tourists, hotel operators and travel agents.  The Serious Game scenarios can be accessed here:         




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