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A range of products aimed at giving parents and carers information and support in protecting children from abuse.

Type of intervention

Public education, book/guide, online/app

Target groups, level of prevention and subgroups

Additional Resource | Public education, book/guide, online/app | English

Target population

Parents and carers.

Delivery organisation


Mode and context of delivery

Advice and information in the form of leaflets; some are available in print, online and/or in video format. These are backed up by a free 24 hour helpline in the UK and they are available free of charge. The information products address all forms of child sexual abuse, both in the home, outside the home and online.

Level/nature of staff expertise required

For use by parents and carers - no professional expertise required.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)

Each of the information items can be read in 10-15 minutes.

Description of intervention

The NSPCC provides a range of free information and advice products for parents on preventing child sexual abuse. These can be found on their website at: https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/support-for-parents/

Advisory information is available online, with some products also available in paper form. These can be ordered or downloaded. The presentation of online information includes checklists and videos. The information has been produced by experts in child protection working with experts in communication. It is produced in a short leaflet and a checklist designed to be used by parents and carers. The NSPCC also has a 24 hour Helpline, for anyone who has concerns about a child’s safety.

The leaflets and webpages for parents are based on the challenges facing parents in relation to child sexual abuse. They cover the following areas:

  • Protecting your child from sexual abuse
  • Child grooming
  • Talking about sex
  • Online safety

‘What Can I do? Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse’ is available as a printed leaflet. It includes the following areas:

  • Spotting the signs
  • If your child tells you about abuse
  • Moving forwards after abuse
  • Where to go for information and advice
  • Other sources of support

The information on child grooming includes a video clip on ‘Losing Control’. It includes how grooming happens, what to look out for, online grooming, how to help a child stay safe and what to do. A checklist to help parents prevent online grooming is also provided.

The ‘Talking about sex’ web content covers the following:

  • Sexual behaviour of children, which includes what is normal and what is concerning behaviour
  • Talking to children about sex
  • Talking to teenagers about sex
  • Sexting

Information is also provided about online safety and includes what parents need to know, how to help your child stay safe online, cyberbullying and sexting and includes video clips and checklists for parents and carers.

Links to a range of sources of further advice and support from different agencies are included.


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