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Key Publications

The following reports and publications are links to key documents in relation to the prevention of child sexual abuse globally. The list is not exhaustive and will be added to periodically.


Nature and scale of problem


Out of the Shadows 

Unicef - a familiar face 


Terminology and definitions


Luxembourg Guidelines


Relevant conventions


The Lanzarote Convention


Responding to child sexual abuse


WHO Clinical Guidelines



Prevention of child sexual abuse


UNICEF - Preventing and Responding 

UNICEF - Promising Programmes 

WHO - Preventing Child Maltreatment Guide

Together for Girls - Technical Resources

Save the Children - Child Protection Systems in Africa

UNODC - Tool for Elimination of Violence against Children

NSPCC - Public Health Challenge Review

NCBI - The Need for a Comprehensive Public Health Approach to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

ATSA - Sexual Abuse as a Public Health Problem



Monitoring and evaluation


Woman Kind - Guidance Note Series

Child on Europe - Child Abuse Guidelines

MEASURE - Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators 



Examples of local strategic responses


UNICEF - Violence Against Children in Tanzania 

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse - Action Research Intervention Model 

UNICEF - Promising Programmes

NSPCC - Preventing Child Sexual Abuse



Sexual abuse in conflict-affected settings


RHRC - Gender-Based Violence Tools

Save the Children - Gender-Based Violence Tools



Child Trafficking


UNICEF - Guidelines on the Protection of Victims

UNODC - Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 



Transnational sex offending


ECPAT - Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism 




Online harm


We Protect - Model National Response



Youth sexual violence


NSPCC - Harmful Sexual Behaviour Framework