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Target population  

For Young People age 26 years and younger who need advice on:

  • Nude images being distributed online
  • Someone approaching them online in a sexual context
  • Extortion over nude images
  • Any and all forms of sexual abuse

Parents, teachers, and other educators can also go to and can seek advice if their child or student has been or might be involved in online sexual abuse. There is a school page for teachers and social workers, including an e-lesson package.

Delivery organisation is part of the Expertise Bureau Online Child Abuse (EOKM). The EOKM is an independent foundation dedicated to the safety of all children.

Mode and context of delivery is a Dutch website about online sexual abuse of children and young people up to 26 years old.  The website allows individuals to contact them for advice about sexual abuse using their contact form. Users can also find information about online sexual abuse; what it is, how to prevent it and what to do if it happens to you. also features an online messaging platform.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required 

Website operators and chat responders are trained professionals in counselling, education, and psychology.   

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s) 

The website is available to access 24/7, and users can engage with the help offered according to their need. If a young person requires help, will work with them to find the appropriate assistance dependent on their situation.

Description of intervention is a website aimed at young people age 26 and under who are concerned about images being circulated online and/or any concern related to sexual abuse of all kinds. The website has information about these issues, as well as a live messaging platform and contact form should a young person wish to seek help from a trained professional. also helps assist in the removal of inappropriate images from websites.

There are also pages for the use of parents and teachers who can also seek advice about a young person. An e-lesson package is available for teachers and social workers.   





Contact details  

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 21II

1012 RC Amsterdam

Tel: 020 – 261 5275

RATING: Pioneering