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Type of intervention     

Educational classroom alongside professional training and therapeutic support for survivors.   

Target group/s, level/s of prevention and sub-group/s:   

Primary and secondary prevention

Children and adults

Child survivors of CSA

Stakeholder organisations including NGOs, schools, community groups, other institutions  

Target population     


Delivery organisation     

First Step Cambodia is an NGO seeking to prevent child sexual abuse and support those affected by CSA. While support and prevention are aimed towards both boys and girls, First Steps Cambodia is the only organisation in Cambodia to advocate for boys’ rights. This has enabled their specialism in supporting male victims of CSA and boys presenting with harmful sexual behaviours.

Mode and context of delivery  

Prevention activities include workshops, events and the distribution of resources. These include poster workshop for children; film workshops for adults and community workshops. 

Social worker capacity building is delivered via a range of social work and child protection courses. These seek to increase knowledge and develop skills.

Via the support programme social workers deliver support and therapeutic services to 5-17 year old survivors of CSA for up to twenty-four months. This includes working with the wider family and support network of the child; access to education and healthcare. Three monthly reviews enable and individualised care plan and well supported exit plan.   

Level/Nature of staff expertise required    

FSC Facilitators 

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)    


Description of intervention 

First Step Cambodia delivers a series of workshops to different groups. Aimed at children, poster workshops explore knowledge of sexual abuse and harmful behaviour. Key messages include that abuse can happen to anyone; everyone can help to prevent CSA; vulnerabilities; asking for help; that sexual abuse of boys and men happens; and supporting survivors.

Film workshops utilise video case studies and group discussion to increase knowledge among professionals working with children. Participants consider techniques for preventing abuse; methods of grooming; the impact of CSA and reporting and safeguarding referral mechanisms.

Community-based workshops are delivered alongside partner NGOs to meet the needs of local communities. These tackle common myths and increase knowledge around child abuse among all members of the community.

Social worker training courses are offered in the following topics:

  • Social work practice with children affected by sexual abuse
  • Identification and response to children displaying sexual harmful behaviours
  • How to support families affected by psychosocial problems
  • Social work case management practice
  • How to support people with alcohol problems
  • Social work practice
  • Training of the trainer: Prevention

Customised one-to-one support is provided by First Step Cambodia social workers to meet the needs of child survivors of CSA.   




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Contact details     


Address: #63B/C, St. 450, Sangkat Tuol Tumpong II, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Call :  Office: 092 900 369 Referral Inquiries: 012 461 460


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