Dynamics of Sexual Abuse Workshop

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A workshop for professionals and other adults designed to provide guidance, advice, education and support to those in a position to act to protect children.

Type of intervention

Classroom setting, group work

Target groups, level of prevention and subgroups

  • Communities and Families | Primary prevention | Young Adults (18-20 years), Adults (21+ years) | Male and female | Classroom setting, group work | English

Target population

Professionals working with children and families; particularly any professional who may have to act or respond to a child at risk.

Delivery organisation

The Dynamics of Sexual Abuse Workshop is delivered by the charitable organisation Child Matters, in New Zealand.

Mode and context of delivery

Child Matters is a specialist provider of child protection related training and professional development in New Zealand. Child Matters’ purpose is “Effecting change to prevent abuse and neglect”. Child Matters works with, supports and assists families, communities, the workforce, influencers, and the government in the field of child protection.

The Dynamics of Sexual Abuse is a targeted one-day workshop aimed at professionals working with children and families to provide them with introductory level information to identify and respond to child abuse.

Level/nature of staff expertise required

All Child Matters’ facilitators have a professional background in child protection.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)

This one day workshop runs between 09:00 and 16:00.

Description of intervention

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the prevalence, dynamics and effects of sexual abuse of children.  Participants will also develop an understanding of child on child harmful sexual behaviours and the patterns of child sexual offender behaviour.

Participants will:

  • Understand the incidence of sexual abuse in New Zealand and legislation relating to sexual violence including grooming.
  • Be able to identify the signs and indicators that a child may have been sexually abused.
  • Understand how the internet can be used to groom and sexually abuse children and young people and action that can be taken to prevent sexual abuse online.   
  • Understand myths associated with sexual abuse and what the reality is.
  • Understand the effects of sexual abuse on children.
  • Identify how to respond to disclosures of sexual abuse and the actions to take when concerned about a child at risk of sexual abuse.
  • Understand child on child harmful sexual behaviours.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the dynamics, risks and behaviours of child sexual offenders
  • Know how to support the needs of children who have been sexually abused, their families and whānau and offenders when abuse has happened. 

This workshop will include a range of teaching methods and mediums including lecture, small and large group discussions, interactive activities, video clips and case studies.  Participants are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences.


Child Matters training is endorsed by the NZQA regulatory body, who rated Child Matters training as ‘excellent’.


Contact details

Postal address: PO Box 679, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand
Tel: 07 838 3370
Email: info@childmatters.org.nz


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