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Centro Una Brisa de Esperanza (CUBE) - A Breeze of Hope Foundation  

Type of intervention   

Workshops targeting school students and professionals working with children and survivors of sexual violence.

Target group/s, level/s of prevention 

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention
  • Professionals and caregivers of children and survivors of sexual violence
  • Children, adolescents and young adults
  • Survivors of sexual violence
  • Stakeholder organisations including NGOs, schools, community groups, other institutions

Target population  

Children, adolescents and professionals.

Delivery organisation  

A Breeze of Hope is a USA registered not-for-profit organisation working in Bolivia towards the eradication of sexual violence towards children. They seek to support survivors; end abuse via prevention strategies; and promote healthy childhood development. 

Mode and context of delivery  

Centro Una Brisa de Esperanza (CUBE) is A Breeze of Hope’s centre to support survivors of sexual violence. This base offers a range of services to survivors including legal, psychological, social and medical support. Through CUBE education and awareness sessions target the public in training sessions. CUBE assists survivors in seeking conviction of perpetrators and also advocates to the Bolivian government and international organisations.

They also provide professional support for those working with children and survivors of sexual violence including workshops, technical and financial support. School based workshops for students.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required 

Trained facilitators  

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)    

See description of intervention             

Description of intervention 

Comprehensive Childhood Development:

Workshops for caregivers and those working with children under the following topics:

  • 12 strategies for comprehensive early childhood development
  • Pre-natal preparation for parents and protection of the child
  • Physical and neurological development of the child
  • The infant's need for emotional bonding, interaction, and communication
  • The importance of parents in the child's life and the importance of the child in the parents' lives
  • Healthy conflict resolution for the family
  • Pikler method of early infancy development

Consultation services to share good practice. These focus on transformation education; building safe school environments which promote children’s rights; child centered teaching and promoting child wellbeing; bringing parents into the education experience; and child development.

CEV fosters a child-centered approach to learning. This includes ensuring children are well-fed, developing self-agency, and ensuring safe and enriching environments. The school works with parents to help them develop non-violent and nurturing child-rearing skills. In particular, this is delivered via the Comunidad de los Tiernos (Community of tenderness) a program focused on the first 1000 days of life to create secure attachment with children.

Direct Services and Prevention of Sexual Violence:

Consultation services for survivors of sexual violence and professionals working in this field. This includes:

  • File management and record keeping for lawyers, psychologists, and social workers
  • Child centred interviewing skills
  • Client centred transdisciplinary advocacy
  • Transdisciplinary case management
  • Ethical principles for professionals working with children
  • Implementation of sexual violence prevention strategies
  • Training of personnel on the dynamics and trauma of sexual violence
  • Training of personnel on crisis management and healthy conflict resolution

Workshops for professionals on the following topics:

  • Psychological and neurobiological effects of child sexual violence
  • The impact and management of childhood adversities
  • Neuro-physiological brain damage and sexual violence
  • The impact of chronic stress on infant brain architecture
  • The myths surrounding sexual violence against children
  • The impact of early childhood adversities on physical and emotional health in adulthood
  • Importance of the rule of law, access to justice, and public policy for stable, prosperous, and democratic societies
  • Human transformation and Development based on Human Rights, Especially the Rights of Children
  • Total Health and Health Determinant in individuals, families and societies
  • Types of evidence in cases of sexual violence
  • Human rights and sexual violence against children and adolescents
  • How to suspect and detect the possible occurrence of sexual violence

Workshops for middle/high school and college students focused on sexual violence, breaking the silence and healthy sexuality.




A Breeze of Hope has published several reports and pieces of research focused on the extent of sexual violence and its impact on survivors. These are available here:

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Phone:​ (484) 494-6598  

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