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Target population   

Children and communities.

Delivery organisation 

Compaz are part of the Urban Security Secretariat of the Recife City Hall.

Mode and context of delivery  

COMPAZ provides a safe place in the community which contributes to the construction of a culture of peace, based on preventing violence and offering opportunities to needy children, youth and adults. Two centres are in operation and members of the community (adults and children) can register to attend and will receive personal safety information to prevent violence and child sexual abuse together with a variety of other facilities.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required 

Communications specialists, supported by those with knowledge of child sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)  

A reduction in violence including child sexual abuse is achieved through the provision of a safe place where personal safety education and many other facilities are provided. 

Description of intervention 

The Peace Community Center - Compaz - was conceived with a focus on violence prevention, social inclusion and community empowerment. Based on the Colombian experience of Bibliotecas Parques and other sources of citizenship spaces, Compaz has two units in Recife. Known as "Citizenship Factories", the equipment stands out both for its structure and for the quantity of services and assistance offered, such as training courses. 

The first unit was inaugurated on March 12, 2016, in the Alto Santa Terezinha neighborhood, in the North Zone of the city. The Compaz Governador Eduardo Campos offers various services and sports activities, with emphasis on the Dojo, a martial arts space, the Afrânio Godoy library and a variety of violence prevention interventions including the prevention of child sexual abuse. More than 14 thousand people are registered in the public facilities, various types of services are offered to the public, as well as sports activities 

In March 2017, the second unit was delivered to the population in the Cordeiro district: the Compaz Escritor Ariano Suassuna. The equipment offers spaces to resolve pending documentation, legal advice, mediate conflicts and information about social assistance. Among the highlights of the unit in the west zone is Ateliê Compaz, which focuses on training participants to generate income. The two tennis courts and the multi-sport court are also other features of this unit. More than 18 thousand people are registered in Recife's second Citizenship Factory.



No published or peer reviewed studies currently available however data from the Department of Social Defense of Pernambuco (SDS/PE) indicate that within one kilometre of the equipment, the Intentional Violent Crimes rate (CVLI) dropped 35% in the 2018 to 2017 comparison. Area Bongi, Cordeiro, Prado, Torrões and San Martin. Compaz Ariano Suassuna was inaugurated in March 2017. As of February 2019, seventeen (17) lives had been saved, as projected by the SDS/PE figures. 

At Compaz Eduardo Campos, the CVLI (Intentional Violent Crime) reduction index fell 27.3% between 2017 and 2016. On top of this significant reduction, Compaz continues to show results, with another 5% reduction in homicides between 2018 / 2017. The neighbourhood of Alto Santa Terezinha, headquarters of the first Compaz, did not register any homicides in 2018. The neighbourhoods directly benefited, in addition to Alto Santa Terezinha, which are within a radius of 1 km around, are: Beberibe, Água Fria, Dois Unidos, Linha do Tiro and Bomba do Hemetério.




Contact details


Address: Av. Gen. San Martin, 1208 - Cordeiro, Recife - PE, 52171-011, Brazil

COMPAZ Governor Eduardo Campos: Av. Anibal Benevolo, s/n, Bairro Alto de Santa Terezinha.

COMPAZ Writer Ariano Suassuna: Av. San Martin, nº 1208, Bairro do Cordeiro.

COMPAZ Governor Miguel Arraes: Av. Caxangá, 953, Madalena.

COMPAZ Dom Hélder Câmara, Rua Lourenço Sá, 140, Joana Bezerra.

Phone: +55 81 99488-6202


Instagram: @compazrecife 


RATING: Pioneering

Information correct at February 2022