CIPM Pilot Programme

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Target population     

CIPM’s pilot project into prevention is an Intensified Treatment Unit aimed at convicted offenders, especially those with low socialisation and high recidivism.   

Delivery organisation    

This program is delivered by Centro Italiano per la Promozione della Mediazione (CIPM), or the Italian Centre for the promotion of Mediation. The centre manages rehabilitation and prevention for violent offenders and/or sexual offenders.

Mode and context of delivery  

The Intensified Treatment Unit has been thought of as a valid alternative to detention in protected areas, physical and emotional solitude or isolation – that all sometimes allow a vicious circle where discomfort, grudges, physical and verbal violence contribute to aggravate problem situations that often they hesitate in real pathologies. The Treatment Unit utilises the ‘Circles of Support and Accountability’ model from Canada in which a circle of volunteers works with an individual to help these subjects in their reintegration and empowering them through ‘benevolent control’.

Level/Nature of staff expertise required 

The team consists of several professional figures, such as criminologists, psychologists, educators, psychologists and an instructor.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s) 

Each offender is assigned three volunteers who represent the treatment unit, and over the duration of twelve months will meet every week to discuss what is happening to the participant, and any difficulties encountered. Members are required to sign a participation and membership contract at every meeting.

Description of intervention 

Treatment is conceived as offering to the individual the ability to raise awareness, redefine and then modify their lifestyle choices. It is also an opportunity to rework their offense and understand the dynamics and consequences. Treatment interventions for perpetrators of sexual offenses made in the penitentiary sector are a form of territorial prevention oriented primarily to reducing relapse and improving the quality of life of the individual. Over the years, the Intensified Treatment Centre has acted as a place for care and transformation, as well as a space for convicted persons to acquire and experience new ways of meeting and relationship. It also provides opportunity for professionals to continue with continuous observation and review work, which has allowed to constantly update and modify the program itself.





Contact details  

Prof.Paolo Giulini

Centro Italiano per la Promozione della Mediazione

Via Correggio

1 Milano

Tel: 800.66.77.33

Fax: 02


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