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A programme for men and young boys at risk of violence and other offending.

Type of intervention

Group work, mentoring

Target groups, level of prevention and subgroups

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Target population

Vulnerable boys who are engaged in risky offending behaviour and who live in poor, high risk urban environments or in Observation Homes.

Delivery organisation

Aangan Trust, an NGO dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable children in India.

Mode and context of delivery

Chauraha aims to reduce boys risky or offending behaviour by individual case management, a group work programme which takes place either as part of a garden project or in Aangan youth centres, by a community support network which links the boy to relevant services and by developing a ‘life plan’ with the boy. The programme runs in high risk areas of Mumbai in India and in two residential Observation Homes. The programme is a replicable model with three main elements (see below for details).

Level/nature of staff expertise required

The programme is run by trained social workers.

Intensity/extent of engagement with target group(s)

Customised individual plans are developed based on a risk assessment, so intensity and extent of engagement varies.

Description of intervention

The Chauraha project works with vulnerable boys who are engaged in risky or offending behaviour and who live in high-risk urban areas or residential care homes. Boys who are at risk are identified by local police, peers, families, probation officers and in the state run Observation Homes for children in conflict with the law.

There are three main elements to the model of intervention:

  • A risk assessment and life plan: the professional team mentors boys and helps develop a care and life plan which includes educational and vocational goals. Parents and families are involved in this process. A standardised assessment tool is used.
  • Adolescent behaviour group work programme: group work sessions help the child address issues such as violence, impulsiveness, peer pressure and decision making. These take place in the organisation's garden project or their community youth centres
  • Community support networks: Chauraha puts boys in touch with relevant services and helps build community support networks in high risk areas.

Boys’ risks and resilience are assessed at regular intervals which helps develop customised plans and interventions.


The Aangan website provides information about the impact of the programme. See Impact on website There are currently no published peer-reviewed studies of impact.


There are currently no references available for this work.

Contact details

Email :
The Aangan Trust, 101 Arun Chambers, Tardeo Raod, Tardeo, Mumbai 400 034
Telephone: +91 (0) 22 23 525 832

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Information correct at November 2019